Microsoft office 365Here Are 5 Powerful Features Your Microsoft Office 365 Suite Offers You Right Now

Microsoft Office 365 comes with a complete list of powerful tools designed to make you and your colleagues more productive. Change is never easy, but Microsoft Office makes it easier than ever to ditch old applications for advanced and convenient, powerful tools to help you do more in less time, with less effort.

We’ve compiled 5 powerful features you need to start using in your Microsoft office 365 suite right now. Once you’ve adapted to the new platform, you will soon be churning out designs, emails and communications like you’ve been working on it for years. Here are a few great features you should start using today.

#1 Real-Time Co-Authoring in Excel, Word and PowerPoint

Now you can collaborate online, from anywhere in the world, and see all the contributors’ changes in real time. It’s also possible to save your file to SharePoint or OneDrive, making it possible for others to work on it with you. Thanks to the integrated sidebar, it’s also possible to share the file directly from within the application.

#2 Chat with Colleagues in Office Apps

Did you know Microsoft Office 2016 comes with Skye in-app integration? This feature makes it easy to chat, share screens and even have video or audio conversations in real time with your co-workers.

All of this occurs in the application, while you’re working, without you having to close or leave the application. Even when you do close the application, it’s easy to continue to Skype call on your phone or computer, no interruption necessary!

#3 Turn Data Into A Map with Power Map

Excel offers many incredible features, including Power Map, which forms part of Excel’s data visualisation features. These are further enhanced with Power BI, the solution for visualising, analysing and sharing data insights.

Now you can turn rows of data into 3D interactive maps with Power Map, with a few clicks of a button. These maps will include the ability to filter data making use of various filters, including Advanced, Range and List.

#4 Converting and Editing PDF Made Easy

What do you want to do after you finish editing your publication, presentation, spreadsheet or document? Converting the document to a PDF is easier than ever, with the “Save as PDF” integrated feature available at the click of a button.

Should you wish to convert a PDF, simply convert it into a Word document. There is now no more reason to worry about any formatting issues when copying and pasting, or trying to edit the document natively.

#5 Working Offline, Uploading When Online

The OneDrive storage is synced to your device, making it easy for you to choose to work offline on files. Once you reconnect to the internet, the new versions are automatically uploaded to your storage. The new version is also sent to any connected devices and users working on the document.

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