Here’s How Your Business Will Benefit from Expert Office 365 Migration and IT Support

Migrating to Office 365 has become more and more popular among companies of all shapes and sizes. The advantages of migrating from an in-house setting to one that’s hosted in the cloud by Microsoft are compelling.

If you have some senior engineers on your internal IT team, it can be tempting to think about running your own Office 365 migration. There are many reasons why it pays to choose reliable IT support to help you successfully migrate to Office 365.

#1 We’ve Already Migrated Thousands of Office 365 Users

Investing in a professional IT support team that has already migrated thousands of users means you are getting expert service from skilled professionals who know what works, and what doesn’t.

#2 Avoid Impractical Design Choices with Regard to Cloud vs. On-Premises

When you consider migration from an Exchange environment, you may need to take a hybrid approach.

You might choose to maintain a hybrid environment for the foreseeable future as you may not wish to migrate all mailboxes to the cloud, but whatever you decide, the decisions won’t always be simple. Having access to our team of IT support professionals allows you to make informed, practical, and achievable decisions.

#3 Netsurit Will Help You Choose The Correct Support Plan

Office 365 support plans are by no means equal. While larger companies are less likely to get tripped up by this, smaller businesses need to be careful about which support plan they decide on. This is another area where working with expert IT support can be of great value to you.

#4 Netsurit Helps You Anticipate Office 365 Migration Costs

While an Office 365 subscription may be a comprehensive solution, there are still some features you will need to spend a bit more on to get the services you need. This can be explored through the “purchase services” option on the Office 365 dashboard. If you aren’t sure about which paid services you’ll need, and you’re getting nervous about the costs adding up, speak to one of our engineers to determine the best plan for your organization.

Running your own Office 365 migration may sound easy, but do you really want to take the risk? Partner with the team of IT support professionals at Netsurit to reduce overall costs and save time by streamlining this process.