How You Can Get More from Office 365

Microsoft’s incredible Office 365 comes with an extensive range of tools designed to make your team more productive. Some of the many incredible features you can look forward to using across your team include co-authoring, OneDrive, SharePoint and Groups, to mention only a few.

However, there may be some features you aren’t using yet, or don’t even know about. To get the most out of your Office 365 subscription, keep the following four tips in mind.

#1 Office 365 De-clutters Your Inbox

If your team is having a tough time managing the overwhelming amount of emails hitting their inbox, deploy Office 365’s “Clutter” feature. It’s designed to help clear up some inbox space. Activate this feature by navigating to Settings>Options>Mail>Automatic processing>Clutter, then choose “separate items identified as clutter.”

Once this feature is activated, your team needs to tag any unwanted messages as “clutter,” as this teaches Office 365 more about their inbox. By learning your team’s email preferences, Office 365 easily and habitually moves low-priority messages into the “Clutter folder, helping your team focus on their important email communications.

#2 Working Offline

If you’re working outside the office, or in an area with shoddy internet, it’s always recommended to enable Offline Access, located under the “Settings” menu. It’s a handy feature that allows you to continue working on documents while offline, and it’ll sync any changes once you’re back on a stable internet connection. You can also enjoy offline access in your SharePoint Online document libraries.

#3 Tell Your Office 365 Applications What To Do

If your team isn’t a fan of sifting through countless options and menus, they can also make use of the Tell Me function in their Office 365 apps. Press Alt+Q and it brings up a search bar, allowing team members to search for the functions they need. Example could be putting a wall of text into columns in a Word document, but you can’t find the feature. Simply type “column’ and Microsoft helps you take care of the rest.

#4 Multiple People Can Edit the Same Document at the Same Time

Your team can collaboratively edit the same document, at the same time. This goes for Excel, Word and PowerPoint. It allows you to see the changes they make in real time, and who is doing the editing too. No more emailing attachments, everyone just piles on and works at once!

Worried About the Migration to Office 365? Let Professional IT Support Make It Easy On Your Team

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