Here’s How A Managed Service Provider Benefits Your Company

Let’s be honest, does a business of 40 to 200 employees really need a managed service provider to use Office 265? After all, doesn’t Microsoft sell Office 365 directly to the public? Truth is, important choices made in the early set up and management of Office 365 can result in big differences in end-user experience, licensing costs and speed of deployment throughout the organisation.

This results in many small to medium-sized businesses, as well as start-up outfits choosing the expertise of expert managed service providers to help them get the most out of their Office 365 platforms. Benefit from the insights and expertise that IT support companies can offer your business.

What Is Office 365, and Why Should You Care About Managed Service Providers?

Office 365 forms part of Microsoft’s productivity services and tools in the cloud. With Office 365, you can also access Exchange Online, for calendaring and email. It also includes applications ranging from PowerPoint to Excel and Word, along with many other collaborative services and applications including Skype for Business and SharePoint Online.

The cloud aspect of Office 365 presents many unique challenges and opportunities, many of which a professional managed service provider can help you navigate and mine. These challenges and advantages add complexity to interacting with Office 365, which can benefit from the experience and insights of professional managed service providers.

Here are only a few reasons why it makes sense to partner with a professional managed service provider to help your team get the most out of Office 365.

#1 Managed Service Providers Can Help Reduce Personnel Costs

With the expertise of managed service providers and IT support companies at hand, you reduce the need for having onsite, in-house IT experts at hand. Tap into the knowledge and insight of these professionals to get the most from your Office 365 platform.

#2 Managed Service Providers Boost Efficiency

Your team has many responsibilities and it’s impossible to keep up with all the latest developments that Microsoft included in its cloud offering that month. Why not have a dedicated IT support company on hand that makes it their business to stay updated with the very latest developments in the industry?

#3 Custom, Integrated Service

Managed service providers are flexible, scaling their services to meet your company’s unique needs. There is no one size fits all solution forced down on you, and you can increase or decrease your utilisation of these services as your company requires. A unique solution for your unique needs.

These are only a few of the reasons why it makes sense to choose a professional managed service provider for your business. We help your business flourish through tailored and custom managed services. Let us help your team become more efficient, and save your business money everyday. Contact us to learn more about what we do, and how our IT support company can help yours get more from Office 365.