What Makes Great Technical Support Team?

What makes a successful technical support professional? We have a high standard that needs to be met when we look for new engineers. There are many technical abilities required to succeed in this role, but those abilities aren’t the only barometer for success.

There are many other attributes that apply to successful technical support staff.
Here are five attributes that we look for beyond schooling and certifications.

IT Support Engineers are Adaptable

Great tech support professionals are those who start with the established processes but can think creatively if they encounter a challenging issue. An IT emergency won’t always keep office hours. IT professionals need to be adaptable with how they approach their jobs.

#2 Curious, and Always Eager to Learn

Inquisitiveness is a key characteristic of any IT professional. This, coupled with natural curiosity and eagerness to learn will make handling any new updates, tech releases and innovations easy to get to grips with in no time at all. They’ll also naturally want to learn about ‘up and coming’ areas in business IT support, and the industry.

#3 Teachable

No one likes a know it all, and that goes in IT support too. While you want a team member that knows what he or she is doing, you also want someone humble enough to value teachable moments that will improve their skills and help better the whole company.

#4 Ethical and Trustworthy

Technical support officers deal with a lot of sensitive information during their day to day operations. From securing the company’s data from competitors and outsiders, to access to countless passwords and other personal information of employees, their ethics and trustworthiness need to be beyond reproach.

#5 Enthusiasm

No one likes working with people who view their jobs as a chore. Your technical support team should show an obvious and natural enthusiasm when it comes to their daily work. This will surely help the whole company, and make it a joy to work with them.

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