Here’s Why Every Modern Business Needs a Disaster Recovery Plan in Place

Here’s the thing, no one ever expects their business continuity management to be adversely affected by a data wipe out. Yet, it happens to businesses every day. When the worst case scenario becomes a reality, many businesses are woefully ill prepared to handle it. Disaster recovery and business continuity planning form an integral part of the overall risk management of any modern business.

Since all risk can’t be entirely eliminated, businesses are implementing disaster recovery plans to prepare for what can be potentially disruptive events for their companies. Both business continuity and disaster recovery plans are important, as they offer detailed strategies on how the company will continue to operate following severe disasters or interruptions. Let’s take a look at three reasons your business needs to deploy a disaster recovery plan today.

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#1 A Disaster Recovery Plan Is a Blueprint for How Your Business Will Maintain Business Continuity In the Event of A Disaster

Should a disaster occur, your business’s continued operations depend on its ability to replicate your IT systems and data. A comprehensive disaster recovery plan stipulates how a company prepares for a major disruption, what the business’s response will be, and what steps are in place to ensure operations are restored as soon as possible.

The disaster recovery plan describes each of the steps involved in both planning for and adapting to a potential disaster. This is a roadmap to restoring operations, while also effectively minimising any long term negative damage to the company, and limiting negative impact on the business’s operations.

#2 Network and Asset Management

Your disaster recovery plan puts everything into perspective, including your company’s underlying network. Through detailing processes with detailed documentation of any network protocols, the company is easily able to understand the network, and therefore, can easily repair network issues with minimal delay.

The recovery plan also places the complete inventory of all your assets into a single location. It’s beneficial in terms of both disaster preparation, and for understanding where your assets are at any one time.

#3 A Disaster Recovery Plan Makes Planning a Breeze

The beauty of an effective disaster recovery plan is that it can help you to plan for a disaster in advance. You can put the plan to a test, and make sure that you’d be covered in the event of a catastrophe. This is a step many businesses tend to skip due to limitations on time and resources, but one that should be the last step you would ever skip.

It’s one of the most crucial steps in the planning process. You don’t want to run around during a disaster only to find out that the plan has gaping holes in it. Testing your disaster recovery plan can help you make sure you are covered against the very happenstances you rely on it to help you handle.

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We help our clients to prepare for the unexpected. Many business owners can’t answer the question of how long it’ll take for their businesses to recover from a disaster in which all their data is compromised or disappears. Business continuity management is crucial to the long term success of a business.

Our team brings decades of combined experience in building solid disaster recovery plans for companies of all shapes and sizes. Contact us to learn more about our services and solutions, and how we can help your business to be ready for any eventuality. We look forward to hearing from you.

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