Here’s Why You Need to Consider Business Continuity Right Now

To understand the importance and necessity of business continuity, one needs to look at the devastation that can occur should a company experience a disruption. These disruptions can mean anything from a server blowing out, to being hacked by ransomware criminals or large scale natural disasters. If the company can’t get back up and running soon, the effects of the disruption can be multiplied greatly and unnecessarily.

Business continuity management looks beyond dealing with emergencies itself. A solid plan takes into account what is needed to get the company up and running as quickly as possible, keeping the business operating with minimal delay. There are of course tangible benefits to working with top business IT support to develop a business continuity management plan. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why your company needs business continuity right now.

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#1 Business Continuity Inspires Confidence and Offers Competitive Advantage

Companies prefer doing business with organisations that have a higher ability to deliver services and products on time. Having a tested and comprehensive business continuity program, which includes supply chain resiliency and IT recovery, assures your customers, suppliers and distributors that you will be open for business, even in the face of a worst case scenario happenstance.

#2 Business Continuity Guarantees Reputation and Brand Protection

Investing in a comprehensive business continuity program assists in protecting your company against negative publicity that results from disruptions. Being known for dependability is always good for business.

#3 Business Continuity Delivers Operational Improvement

Oftentimes, one of the best valued aspects of a comprehensive business continuity plan is the awareness that is gained from examining the details of one’s own business process, and not merely to plan for a calamity. Planning creates awareness, resulting in a chance to affect operational improvements. This is particularly true in specific areas which hadn’t previously enjoyed attention.

#4 Business Continuity Achieves Increased Robustness

The process of business continuity planning strengthens a company from the inside out. It does this not only through planning for any large disruptions, but through providing staff the knowledge and skills required to react far more efficiently in mitigating smaller daily issues that might crop up, preventing them from becoming larger disruptions.

So What Are the Next Steps in the Business Continuity Planning Process?

As part of your business continuity planning process, you should immediately set out to complete the following:

· Identify any potential risks that might affect the company;
· Determine how you’ll succeed in reducing risks of disasters and disruptions occurring in your business;
· Determine how your company reacts, should a disruption occur; and
· Test the plan often.

At Netsurit, our professional business IT support teams help our clients prepare for the unexpected on a daily basis. Do you know how long it would take for your company to recover from a disruption, in which it lost all its data? What would be impact of a data leak have on your customer relationships? In scenarios like these, it’s easy to see the impact business continuity will have on the long term success of your business.

We help you develop strategic backup and disaster recovery plans to ensure the safety of your company’s data, your company and its reputation. Contact our Technology Advisors and let us start designing your business continuity and data recovery plan for your business today. We look forward to working with you.
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