Network management is critical for the proper support and maintenance of network infrastructure.

Many IT issues start out small but, when left unchecked, quickly escalate into more serious problems, reducing network speed, or even grinding it to a halt. When video-based corporate training solutions provider FUEL Online wanted to gain greater real-time network visibility and control, the company turned to managed IT support services provider Netsurit.

“We do not have the luxury of time to deeply or troubleshoot when problems pop up,” FUEL Online IT Manager Justin Hough. “Poor performance has an impact on the ability of our employees to carry out their daily tasks, and it also reduces our ability to engage with and provide our services to customers. We needed a network monitoring solution that would identify any dip in network performance early, and locate the source of the problem quickly, so that any potential faults can be rectified before they become major issues that might cause system downtime.”

Netsurit, a registered Sinefa partner, installed a 14-day trial from Sinefa, a Melbourne-based network management solution provider that is gaining global popularity. Sinefa is a next generation network management solution, which is cloud based and offers IT companies Layer7 application visibility, traffic shaping and network quality across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure. The company now serves customers in more than 20 countries around the world.

“It’s a plug and play, cloud-based network traffic management system that provides us with real-time network traffic visibility,” says Hough. “Network capacity issues are now a thing of the past. Previously, our staff of 70 users at our Cape Town headquarters, were affected by the fact that our internet bandwidth was not being properly controlled. Complaints from users about ‘the slow internet’ meant a long process of downloading reports from the firewall, which was laborious and time-consuming.”

As a result of Sinefa’s real-time views of which users and what applications are using bandwidth, FUEL Online says support tickets and abuse relating to internet use are virtually non-existent.

“Quick and easy reports make it possible to actively view any issues and sort them out immediately,” Hough adds. “I would definitely recommend Sinefa to any business big or small.”

“Sinefa allows network managers to see all the applications, users, devices, and links on the network, and to easily redirect bandwidth to critical applications,” says Darren Jacobs, head of client services at Netsurit Cape Town. “Increased network performance boosts productivity, does away with user frustration and reduces network management costs. It’s the simplest solution on the market, and it total visibility and control to save time for both users and IT managers.”

About Sinefa

Powered by real-time network traffic intelligence, Sinefa provides enterprise-wide insights to help businesses drive their digital experience and transformation. Sinefa’s cloud-native architecture enables pervasive and agnostic traffic visibility coverage of hybrid networks and clouds – legacy WANs, branch/edge, software defined, NFV, cloud and multi-tenanted environments. Extreme simplicity of deployment enables fast network and traffic coverage to create Data Lake which provides unprecedented, customer facing visibility.

From the world’s largest enterprise and telecommunication companies to SMBs, Sinefa powers businesses around the world with immediate insights and intuitive design. Sinefa has customers in more than 20 countries around the world, throughout South America, the U.S., Asia, Australia, Europe and Africa.

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