Windows Hello from Windows 10

Windows Hello gives Windows 10 users an alternative way to log into their devices and applications using a fingerprint, facial recognition, and pin providing the device is compatible. Companies as well as individuals are on high alert around security now more than ever before. Considering the recent security leak on Facebook and with GDPR and POPI regulation on the horizon security around data is fast becoming a global trend.

Windows 10 Hello can offer an alternative way to gain access to your devices that are running a Windows 10 operating system. This type of security is harder to crack and therefore more secure. Traditional passwords are becoming harder to remember due to the complexity they require to be as safe as possible. This tends to lead people to write down their passwords or to simply keep the default password set up by their IT department which can be as simple as “Password123”. The security risk this can pose could be detrimental to your organization if not managed correctly.

Windows 10 Hello can add value be introducing an alternative way of accessing devices other than using passwords. This type of security that Windows Hello utilizes as well as other biometric systems are unique and more secure because it relies on technology that is harder to break.

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