Whenever I speak to my industry friends, I tell them that recruiting in 2018 is not the same as recruiting was when I started in 2014. When I say this, it is important that I distinguish between our millennial’s (that are entering the workforce) and “those that came before them.”

Millennials tend not to stay in their jobs for more than 3 years. If an opportunity comes about where flexibility i.e. working hours, contract work present themselves then they tend to jump at those opportunities. More and more millennials are getting in the rhythm of starting their own businesses to supplement their incomes.

Those that came before them tend to hold the value of a job being permanent. Employees at the well-known Bus company Putco are a good example. It is normal to find employees that have been there for 15 years and more.

The mentality of different generations will always play a big role in this where Millennials will run on “instant gratification” whereas the Old School carry the mindset of “once you have a job, you keep it”