To connect personally and professionally

What are the core values of our company? Why are they so important? Because they are the essence of a company’s identity – our principles, beliefs and philosophy.
Values are the heart of our culture. By holding each other accountable to the company’s standards, our values become the fabric of our organisation’s culture – regardless of who is in charge. When the core values of a company are clear, it’s much easier to shape and sustain its organisational culture.
What do corporate values mean to you? Do you connect with your businesses values? It is different for everyone and, to find a company that understands its employees’ values while integrating them with corporate values, is not common.

Five new values

When a company like Netsurit re-evaluates its values, you know there will be big changes and lots of fun. Originally, Netsurit had eight values that spoke deeply to how our company started and how client centric the business is.
However, the five new values show how the company has grown – and continues to grow – as well as how our employees have contributed to our growth as a business. The new values incorporate the old, while simplifying them so that they are easy for every employee to incorporate into their own lives.
The first new value is focused on family. Netsurit is not just a company – it’s a family. All of us are expected to respect and support our families, and to engage with them regularly. Every employee at Netsurit has a place and a role to play in helping us grow and connect with our clients. As a family we all engage in support programs that will help shape our clients, our employees and your immediate families at home too.
Communication means ‘listen first’. For the Netsurit family communication is key. We need to respect everyone’s integrity and confidentiality. Simply put, when communicating, we must all be mindful. Listen first to understand, before responding.
Be hands-on, be committed, be invested and be aligned to Netsurit. By engaging with all aspects of Netsurit, every employee is part of something bigger than what we each do individually. ‘Supporting the dreams of the doers’ is not just a phrase – we engage with that motto, and we live it every day. We need to align both our personal and corporate lives in order to realise one collective beneficial outcome.
Every employee needs integrity. For Netsurit this means acting openly, honestly and with kindness, always. Through this we build and earn trust, internally and externally. We need to treat others the way we want to be treated. Through doing right by ourselves, we will do right by Netsurit.
Growth is clearly something Netsurit strives for, as can be seen in the creation of our new values. Growth requires ongoing learning and self-empowerment. This is the expansion of one’s ‘self’ not only in terms of the workplace, but also in everything we do.

A common culture

Shared values help employees make informed decisions and unify the company culture. Decisions should be made with these values in mind. Company values provide a guideline for making decisions and help us hold ourselves accountable for those decisions by asking the simple question: does this decision reflect our values?
We encourage each and every one of you to take these values to heart, throughout your lives, both personally and professionally. By doing so, we can create connectivity and growth for our teams, our colleagues and Netsurit as a whole.