Netsurit is an IT support company in 247 W 30th St New York, that started out as Marathon Consulting.

Marathon was founded in 2002 to help small- and medium-sized businesses optimize efficiency through innovative IT consulting and solutions. Marathon worked with clients from diverse industry sectors that include entertainment, construction, legal, finance, manufacturing, marketing, retail, public relations, non-profits, publishing, and real estate.

The Marathon Consulting staff of IT veterans became part of Netsurit in November 2016.

Complementary strengths from both businesses made the joint organization stronger. Netsurit gained an established entry into the North American market, while the Marathon team gained additional resources and expertise for its existing clients.

Keeping the common Marathon and Netsurit cultures intact is a top long-term priority as it is the foundation we are using to create a great new company. Netsurit US is headquartered in Midtown, Brooklyn.