Choosing Netsurit as your IT consulting and support partner gives you access to an entire team of IT experts concentrated on making your business a success. Netsurit invests time and resources in ongoing training for our team to ensure you are always receiving cutting edge support.

Netsurit’s systematic approach to client services has been refined over years of successful work in a number of industries. We partner with our clients to build a custom IT strategy backed by proven processes and best practices.

One of the fundamental core values at Netsurit is open and robust communication. You can easily see open tickets and invoices. Should an issue crop up, we will make sure to explain what we fixed, why it broke and how to prevent it from breaking in the future. When we make proactive recommendations, we’ll back them up with clear reasoning that is aligned with your business goals.

How can we help you?

Your Business Role

IT Director. You’re a multitasking wizard and you’re being asked to do more with the same aging equipment.You’ve also got a tight budget to manage and need to find the best ways to make the most of it. Learn more about how Netsurit can help you.
Business Owner. You understand that technology is the backbone of how your team gets things done, and want to make sure your team has the tools it needs to be productive. Learn more how Marathon can support and manage IT for your business.
Operations Manager. You’re in charge of keeping things running in your office. When things break, you’re the one who is going to hear about it from your executive team and from your front-line employees because IT is a key part of a smooth day for your team. Find out how Marathon can help keep your office IT in top shape.

Information technology is often driven by growth. Where are you?

Your Business Needs

Starting Up. Starting a business is an exciting and stressful time. You’re likely working more than you ever have and you need to have a solid IT foundation in place that’s also affordable. Read more about IT for startups.
Building Momentum. While there is no set time frame for graduating from “startup” to growing business, you know it when it happens. You’re adding more employees to your team; your customer growth rate is heading up and to the left; you’re scouting new locations to expand your reach. Learn more about how Marathon can support your growing IT investment.
Gaining Efficiency and Expansion. You’ve made it past the daily pressures that come with a brand-new company. While your business may only be a few years old, there is a solid foundation in place to support expansion. You’ve got multiple departments that all have demanding and diverse IT needs that continue to grow each year. Find out how Marathon can help optimize the information technology for your organization.