The latest addition to the suite of business tools from Marathon Consulting is m|VoIP business phone solution. We are so satisfied with the quality m|VoIP offers that our first installation was in our own offices.

m|VoIP will save money and give you more flexibility

Technically, m|VoIP runs through VoIP phones connected to an IPBX server. Practically, this type of business phone solution offers you a number of benefits you can’t get with a traditional phone system.

> Cost savings. Long distance charges, equipment purchases and network maintenance are all included in m|VoIP.

> Flexibility. Adding a new employee phone is a snap. m|VoIP also connects companies with multiple offices on the same system. At Marathon, we can dial our co-workers in Colorado, Florida and Nevada by just using their extensions.

> Redundant coverage. The network is made up of multiple switches spread across the country to provide instant alternate call routing should an issue arise.

> Disaster recovery. Running your phones through m|VoIP means you and your team can be available anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Employees who lose access to an office in a disaster situation won’t lose their phones with m|VoIP.

> Ongoing upgrades. A hosted phone solution like m|VoIP gives you access to all hardware and network upgrades without incurring any of the expense.

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