A major digital music retailer planned to host a database-driven online promotion. With the launch of a new product, they sought Marathon’s expertise in providing the specialized datacenter management necessary for quick turn-around in a rapid development project.

The Challenge

A major digital music retailer planned to host a specialized online promotion. While testing a new product line with one of their partners, they decided on an enterprise-level hosting solution outside of their current network. A database-driven site with secured user authentication for downloads of digital music, the site needed to be fully redundant to operate 24/7 in an international market, and to be able to handle high spikes in internet traffic during peak download times.

While the application was developed by a Marathon partner, they needed a fully-functional test environment and seamless rollout to an enterprise production location. Since the new product concept was still being tested, they wanted as little integration into their existing architecture as possible. And they needed to keep costs down while continuing to provide the high-availability hosting that their client base expected.

The Solution

Marathon worked closely with the development team to set up a portable production environment for rapid development and rollout. During the development phase, we utilized a leased server solution while the production environment was replicated in Marathon’s co-location facility. Equipment specifications were submitted, purchased and installed to make the live environment available within the relatively short development time span.

After the development phase, Marathon worked closely with both client and the development team to transition the site to the co-location facility. We continue to provide load testing, monitoring and network administration for the life of the site.


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