At the eleventh-hour, an event production client contacted Marathon for large-scale bandwidth to stream a United Nations General Assembly conference around the world. They needed to stream the event live to a number of off-site constituents and project it for large-scale viewing in each location – and had little time to get it ready.

The Challenge

Our client received a request to stream a United Nations General Assembly event live to a number of off-site constituents, and project it onscreen for large-scale viewing in each location. They needed a quick solution for high-speed internet access to fulfill a last-minute request.

They had the resources and equipment necessary for encoding, but were having difficulty finding a robust enough solution to stream to multiple venues and project audio and video. This increased the bandwidth needs beyond the ISDN connection their facility could handle.

The request for live streaming came less than a week before the event was scheduled to take place. Normal installations of high-speed internet lines can take anywhere from 15-45 days. Even if the install could be accelerated, the necessary bandwidth would not be sufficient to stream the content in the required format. We met quickly to discuss options, and began coordinating between the conference facility and our key vendors.

The Solution

We considered a satellite uplink, something we’ve used for similar events, but in the short time frame it became a cost concern. It would be very expensive to acquire equipment that had already been assigned to other events.

Marathon had been testing a new high-speed internet solution for possible deployment to our customers. WiMax was still a very new technology at the time, but the potential of high-speed wireless technology was appealing for us, as well as for a number of our clients. The costs and deployment times were a big improvement over the traditional high-speed connections.

Working closely with the event production company and their venue, we helped both the WiMax vendor and our client secure the access and permissions to temporarily install the equipment and provide 3Mbps in bandwidth. Within 24 hours, a fully functional, low-cost, high-speed solution was up and running.


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