An international industrial equity firm needed a full IT solution for both their corporate office and large mobile workforce. When the principals contacted Marathon, they had only a few weeks to set up an operational company. In addition to a full office build-out, they needed support for remote staff.

The Challenge

With only a few weeks to set up an operational company and employees and investors all over the country, the private equity firm contacted Marathon to help them plan and build their IT infrastructure.  In addition to a complete office build-out, they needed support for their remote staff.

Requirements included setting up hosting for their new domain and website, arranging phone and internet service for a temporary office space, and ordering and installation of all machines and servers.

Most importantly, it was essential that the project plan ensure that employees would be able to access vital new company data as it became available.

The Solution

The first step was to gather as much information as possible and prioritize tasks based on the limited time frame. With things changing daily, it was critical for us to remain flexible with our solutions.

Next we confirmed that the shared office space had the necessary setups for cabling, internet, phone, fax, and remote access. We drew from our existing resources to provide re-commissioned equipment while permanent hardware solutions were ordered, configured and installed.

Within a week, the client was operational, and employees were able to communicate and share resources. In the background, our technicians continued to work, seamlessly upgrading systems as new equipment arrived.


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