Marathon was contacted by a leading legal recruiting firm with two locations, aging computers and software that was no longer supported by the manufacturer.  Their technology was draining the company of valuable time and had even led to the setup of a laborious paper filing system.

The Challenge

Marathon was contacted by the president of a leading legal recruiting firm with one office in New York and another in New Jersey. Their Macintosh desktops were aging badly, with office management software no longer supported by the manufacturer.  Staffers had resorted to a paper filing system that was siphoning time and efficiency out of the business

Further complicating matters was an inefficient and overpriced Internet connection. The two offices were connected by an ISDN line, accessing the Internet through a pair of dial-up modems.

Marathon performed a full technical evaluation and inventory, including interviews with management and staff. The budget for the project was limited, so we investigated cost-effective solutions, as well as a customized software option to replace the paper filing system. After a research period, we made several recommendations for the office overhaul.

The Solution

First, the cobbled-together Internet connection was replaced by a pair of Digital Subscriber Lines. This provided a reliable, high-speed connection at a fraction of the cost of the old system.

The second step was a switch to a PC environment, as there were no Mac-based office management systems to meet the specific needs of the company. We employed free utilities to batch-process the translation of documents, e-mail and contacts from Mac to PC format. Although the method was work-intensive, it allowed for a total conversion of files with no data lost in the translation.

With an economical solution in mind, Marathon purchased Refurbished Dell Dimension computers for 12 desktops and a Dell PowerEdge SC server. At the end of the installation process, we offered ongoing technical support, and helped to ease the transition between the Mac and PC platforms, as well as from the old filing system to the new software solution.


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