With a growing business, our client knew they needed a more robust hosting solution to support projected growth. They needed a new data facility and flexible architecture that could expand while supporting their growing client base.

The Challenge

With a growing business, our client knew they needed a more robust hosting solution to support the projected growth of their product. The existing application, which lived on a shared hosting platform, was initially created to launch and develop the product, but couldn’t meet the increasing demand for performance, stability and customer support.

Because content was delivered on a 24/7 basis, the cutover to the new hosting service needed to be as seamless as possible, with zero downtime. This included the front-end components of the site, as well as all database and tracking transactions. Resources such as DNS, mail, and hosting were provided by a variety of vendors, and needed to be consolidated, streamlined and adjusted for rapid deployment in the future.

After discussing the existing and future architecture of the application with the client, Marathon began planning, pricing and negotiating with vendors to provide a solution. We developed an industry-standard, multi-server architecture to balance the processing and content-serving loads.

The Solution

Once the project pricing was approved, Marathon began equipment orders and server configurations. More problems arose with the shared hosting provider, and the timetable for deployment was escalated by nearly 3 weeks. We drew on the strength of our vendor relationships to acquire the equipment and services necessary to meet the revised schedule.

Marathon worked with the previous vendors to migrate services to a single enterprise-class solution. This allowed us to fully control the domain for the switchover, which included communication with the co-location facility to provide needed rack space, power and network switching, as well as backups and DNS management.

We then deployed the servers in the new architecture and migrated existing code to the new systems. After thorough testing by Marathon, our client, and an outside vendor, we arranged an early morning cutover of the systems. With full control of the domain, we were able to minimize any lost revenue and migrate to the new architecture in a matter of minutes.


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