Like any small business, Netsurit loves referrals from current clients and partners. So much so that we’d love to make it worth your while to introduce us to organizations you think could benefit from Netsurit’s IT services.

How does it work? It’s easy. You’ll get $250 when you refer a new client that signs up for one or more of the following:

1. One year of our monitoring service
2. Three years of our backup solution
3. A server replacement project


Who’s a good fit for Netsurit?

A typical partner for Netsurit has about 50 to 500 employees and often fall into one of the following verticals:

• Non-profits
• Construction
• Graphic Design
• Marketing & Public Relations
• Performing Arts
• Legal
• Finance
• Interior Design

Why stop at just one?

If you find more companies that can make their business more efficient and profitable by partnering with Netsurit, we’re happy to up the ante.

Like we said, your first referral gets you $250. You’ll get $500 for the 2nd referral and $1,000 after that.

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