Hardware and Software Services

Purchase Dell Hardware

Netsurit offers a comprehensive range of hardware and software products, with highly skilled technology specialists who guide you in determining which components best meet your requirements. With a mindset of always striving to add value to your purchase, Netsurit does not sell on “price.” We focus on matching client needs with the right hardware.

You can review the current selection of Dell computers online, give us a call at 01 555 7000 in South Africa. Contact our team in the US 888-888-625-4726, or send an email to info@netsurit.com


Rent Dell Hardware

Get the right IT for your business and control your costs at the same time by renting IT hardware.

Conferences and special events, temporary replacements from loss or theft or simply trying out a new configuration without upfront spend are all reasons to explore technology rental options.

Contact our team to determine if renting your IT hardware is the best approach for your business. Netsurit Technology Rental Division offers short term and long term rental solutions to businesses.

  • Short term rental solutions are best for companies looking to replace equipment that has been lost or stolen or only when extra equipment is needed for a limited time; a training session, conference or extended lead time on orders.
  • Long term rental solutions offer companies the benefit of using technology without owning it.

Our team can also help design a leasing program that allows your business to retain capital to invest in other assets that will provide a return.