Internet Service Provider

Are you looking for a business internet service provider? Netsurit strives to offer integrated IT Solutions which include hardware, software, connectivity and data solutions to suit our diverse clientele in a variety of business sectors.

Netsurit offers the following connectivity and data solutions to our clients in South Africa.

Capped and Uncapped Business ADSL

We offer various options for Business ADSL, with our main options being capped and uncapped business ADSL

Capped ADSL – Capped ADSL Means that once your monthly bandwidth allowance has been utilised, your connectivity will drop to a level which essentially makes it inefficient for internet use.

Uncapped ADSL – Uncapped ADSL Means that you can utilise as much internet as necessary and your bill will vary at the end of each month.  However there is another type of Uncapped ADSL which comes at a fixed cost.

3G HSDPA – Currently HSDPA is the standard for most mobile phones.  4G is starting to make waves on the mobile scene and we will offer it as soon as it becomes the going standard.

VSAT – VSAT (AKA Very Small Aperture Terminal) is a satellite that uses an earth-bound station for communication in order to send data, voice and video signals.

Microwave – Microwave bands are fascinating and offer companies the opportunity to run large bandwidths through a wireless transmission.

Virtual Private Networks – A virtual private network (VPN) is a private IT communications network used within a company to communicate over a public network.

Bonded Solutions – Bonded broadband solutions enable any size company, requiring IT Support, to get the bandwidth they require in order to operate properly. Bonded broadband takes multiple DSL or SDSL (Broadband) lines and bonds them into a larger; single virtual connection.

APN Data Solutions – Access Point Name (APN) identifies the data access services associated with your account; typically as the exit point from either a 3G or GPRS network into the public internet or private customer gateway.

High availability Solutions – Essentially, Netsurit understands that our clientele can only operate successfully while everything is available to their business at any given moment. For this reason, we ensure IT Services and IT Solutions that will enable companies to run smoothly, without fail.

If you are looking for a Business Connectivity Solution that is tailored to your needs, send an email to or call us on 011 555 7000.