Meet the Team

“The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.” – Babe Ruth

We value our employees individually and their commitment to working together to form the impressive IT consulting and support company that is Netsurit. Our staff is made up of experts in all areas of IT support and management and this wide range of experience and expertise is how we are able to offer our clients an unmatched level of service excellence.

Orrin Klopper Netsurit Orrin Klopper 
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

“If you can dream it, you are already half way there; the rest is hard work.”

Orrin’s passion for business creation, people management, and customer service has been a fundamental driving force to the success of the business. Armed with a Bachelor of Commerce degree (with Information Systems as an additional subject) this UJ graduate has also completed an Entrepreneurial Masters Course at MIT in the United States.

Orrin may be blessed with intelligence but it is his 6th sense that has ensured the collective growth of Netsurit. His ability to see the latent talent in others as well as his successful business acumen has guaranteed a team environment that works holistically to create quality solutions for all Netsurit’s clients.

While Netsurit remains a top priority in Orrin’s professional portfolio, he has also represented our IT company at the Microsoft World Wide SMS&P Partner Advisory Council and the Microsoft Software Plus Service Partner Advisory Council. He was also one of the founding members of the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation in South Africa.

Despite what may appear as workaholic-syndrome, Orrin is just an average guy with an abundance of enthusiasm, backed by an able team of go-getters who all strive to find innovative, measurable ways to help our clients run better.


Louwki Coetsee 
Managing Director – New York

“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Till your good is better and your better is best.”

In 2001, Louwki commenced his studies at Torque-IT, where he focused on achieving his Master Network Engineer qualification. In 2002, he started lecturing at the university, and was later promoted to Technical Manager.

Louwki then moved on to Tronic Trade Technology Holdings, where he fulfilled the role of Technical Manager. In 2004 he started his career at Netsurit as a Senior Technical Consultant. He was soon promoted to the position of Client Services Manager, and shortly thereafter was further promoted to Senior Account Manager. In 2008, Louwki was appointed Head of Support.

In 2014, Louwki joined Dimension Data, he formed part of the MEA Global Service Center Management team as a Service Improvement & Enablement Manager.
2017, Louwki re-joined the Netsurit team to lead the US New York business as Managing Director.

When he’s not working, Louwki enjoys time with his wife Yolandie & son Logan. Together they enjoy the outdoors and go camping whenever they have the opportunity. Aside from being an avid audiophile, Louwki enjoys a wide range of hobbies including remote controlled vehicles and drones, marine aquariums and Ice hockey.


Steven Grobler
Director of Technical Services – USA

Steven’s global IT adventure began in his hometown of Durban, South Africa. After he had finished high school, he went on to get a Diploma in Computer Science and added various Microsoft certifications to his CV.

An IT training job in college turned into an IT supervisor position for Sun Coast Casino over the first two years after school. Steven then took the opportunity to move to London where he filled various IT roles and got his first taste of working for a managed services provider (MSP).

After returning to South Africa, he applied for a job at Netsurit and became a roaming tier 2 consultant. His use of a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle and a backpack to navigate the nightmare that can be Johannesburg traffic vastly improved the team’s response times to onsite work.

After a brief stint as a consultant, he returned to Netsurit and eventually became Team Lead of the Roaming Service department for three years. His next step was Support Operations Manager. Steven also became part of the Netsurit Executive Committee and had been involved in the strategic direction of the company.

When Netsurit merged with Marathon Consulting, Steven joined Marathon to become Director of Technical Services for the US company and found his way to the Big Apple. He really feels we are building on a great base in the US that is destined for greatness. Watch out New York City!

When he is not at work, Steven is most likely out exploring the city. He is becoming an advanced subway rider and can recommend some great pizza and bagel spots to try out. His bucket list travel destination is a trip to explore the Amazon in Brazil.


Brian Cooper NetsuritBrian Cooper
Managing Director – South Africa

“People inspire me; the rare ones, the givers, the ones who put their hearts and minds and souls into giving, simply for the sake of it, expecting very little in return.”

If anything can be said of Brian, he was born an entrepreneur; selling T-shirts and jerseys with his brother while still at school he was intent on becoming independent and successful at a young age. This desire led to the destined graduation with a B Com degree as well as concluding with a diploma in Management Advancement from the Wits Business School.

While Brian was busy with his B Com degree he met his then-future partners (Orrin and Rian) and it was inevitable that he would join MQS (now Netsurit) in 1998. Initially responsible for the financial management of the business, Brian later took over sales and marketing.

After spending a number of years in various management and leadership roles, Brian was promoted to MD of the business in 2009 and Chief Operations Officer in 2012.

In his private life, Brian is also hugely successful, having married a stunning wife, Mary-Ann, who has given him the gift of three beautiful daughters, Michaela and twins – Bailey and Grace. As if being a wonderful father and prosperous business owner wasn’t enough, Brian is also adept at athletics. He has played provincial water polo for many years while also remaining fit by partaking in other various sports such as mountain biking and Triathlons. But his true love, if asked, is golf. He has a single figure handicap and plays whenever he can.


Rian Van Der Walt NetsuritRian Van Der Walt
Chief Information Officer (CIO)

“I am inspired by people who express their talent and potential effortlessly.”

Rian holds a postgraduate diploma in Business Administration PDBA at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) which he attained through Milpark Business School.

He started his IT career during university by selling computers and calculators to fellow students and doctors. From his humble beginnings as an individual entrepreneur, Rian went on to become a co-founder of Micro Quant Systems (MQS) with his university peer, business partner, and friend Orrin Klopper.

MQS (now known as Netsurit) is where Rian now serves on the board of directors. As an active shareholder, Rian is responsible for strategic partnerships and partner marketing.

In his private time, Rian enjoys long walks on the beach, sipping on Pina Coladas and has a couple of exciting PS3 games, which he wishes he had more time to enjoy.

Rian is the proud father of two delightful children; Connor and Georgia, and uses his acquired life skills in creating a successful family environment for them while being an incredible husband to his wife, Bronwen.


Henry Swanepoel CA(SA)
Chief Financial Officer

“Wear your passion. Love what you do. Good things come to those who never give up. Grow. Persevere. Evolve.”

As Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Henry Swanepoel is responsible for all Netsurit’s financial functions including accounting, audit, treasury, corporate finance and investor relations. Henry’s career spans more than 10 years of varied experience in multi-national and multi-cultural organisations.

Before joining Netsurit Henry served as CFO for LAWtrust, Africa’s leading trust centre, security integrator and security solutions developer. Prior to that he served as Financial Manager for Internet Solutions, an Internet protocol communications provider.

Henry earned a Masters of Business Administration from the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) as well as a Masters of Taxation from Northwest University.

On a personal note Henry enjoys the outdoors, is an avid golfer and loves spending time with his loving wife Leigh and the apple of his eye, beautiful daughter Mila.


DewaldtDewaldt du Plessis
Strategic Technology Advisor

“You can buy a person’s time; you can buy their physical presence at a given place; you can even buy a measured number of their skilled muscular motions per hour. However, you cannot buy enthusiasm . . . You cannot buy loyalty . . . You cannot buy the devotion of hearts, minds, or souls. You must earn these.”

Dewaldt currently holds the position of Strategic Technology Advisor managing Netsurit’s most strategic client partnerships. Dewaldt’s journey with Netsurit started in 2003 when he joined as a Helpdesk Consultant. This was at a stage where bandwidth in South Africa became cheaper and more readily available and this was the start of Netsurit offering Remote Support to its customers.

Through the years Dewaldt has fulfilled many different roles within Netsurit and he was also actively involved in Netsurit’s ISP services which later merged with Mweb. After spending 6 years in the support department, Dewaldt made the decision to put more focus on client relations, and in 2009 became a Technology Advisor. Through hard work and dedication, Dewaldt was promoted to Senior Technology Advisor in 2010, and a year later appointed as Client Service Executive leading the team of Technology Advisors. With more than a decade of experience, Dewaldt made the decision to go back into the support side of Netsurit , but this time he was leading the biggest department in the business as Support Services Executive.

Dewaldt is a workaholic but he is also a family man at heart. When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Jo-Anne, and son Dejan. In addition to spending time with his family, Dewaldt enjoys watching a good comedy or lazing by the pool. He also loves getting dirty by landscaping his own garden and has a huge interest in renovating and selling properties.

Dewaldt is a true South African who cannot live without the “more than occasional” braai.


Nicolas Hocquet
Managed Services Executive

“I love what I do and I do what I love. I believe that my passion for IT helps me going out of my way for Netsurit employees and customers.”

Nicolas has always been interested in technology, especially around what it can enable in our lives. This was the main motivator that led Nicolas to start his studies in 2002 at ESIEE Amiens in his home country of France. Nicolas then received a Master of Science from FSATI & the Tshwane University of Technology after publishing a paper on Ad Hoc Routing Protocol to further his studies.

In 2010, after working as a Senior IT Engineer for three years in France, Nicolas decided to pursue one of his greatest dreams and made the choice to relocate to South Africa where he joined the Netsurit Team as a Support Consultant. Through the constant development of his technical & managerial skills, Nicolas has been promoted a number of times at Netsurit, occupying crucial roles such as Team Leader, IT Manager & Operations Manager.

Hungry for new challenges, Nicolas was promoted once again in 2015 to Client Services Manager, where he prides himself in ensuring high customer satisfaction levels and enabling Netsurit’s customers to achieve their business goals through technology.

In his private life, Nicolas loves spending time with his wife Phumzile and son Enzo. Nicolas is also an avid rugby fan and trains his son on a regular basis. He also enjoys traveling throughout South Africa to visit some of the most beautiful places that this country has to offer.


Eugene Perumal
Client Services Executive

“People don’t follow great companies or great ideas, they follow good people who can include them in a great purpose.”

Eugene’s love for technology blossomed in high-school whilst being introduced to IT hardware, Turbo Pascal and Dig Dug.

His career in the technology industry began in 2001, with his formative three years being spent at Nashua Pretoria as a hands-on technical consultant.
That period was followed by eight years in the IT service environment of Ster-kinekor Theatres. He served as Service Manager for five of those years. It was during this period Eugene acquired experience in several facets of service and project management, including election to Primedia’s Innovation Value and Strategy Committee, as well as a six month secondment to work alongside XybanetX in re-engineering and restructuring the Ster-kinekor Theatres business at large.
Eugene’s subsequent three-year tenure at Cyest Corporation as Service Manager gained him experience in the application development space and introduced him to the complexities of successful Account Management.

With diplomas in IT hardware and software support, as well as in application development, Eugene he is a Prince2 certified project manager and a certified ITIL specialist focusing on IT Service Management. He holds specialist skills in managing process-building and implementation within the IT environment, as well as in business areas like Procurement, Logistics, CRM, and Operations.

Having joined Netsurit in March 2016 as a Senior Technology Advisor, Eugene took to the Netsurit family and culture, and assumed the role of Client Services Executive in June 2017 where he heads up an amazing team of strategic Account Managers – our Technology Advisors.


RiaanDavisRiaan Davis
Cloud Services & Infrastructure Sales Manager

“I strive towards delivering tasks in time and will go out of my way to do so no matter what. It is not about working hard, but working smart.”

Riaan was fascinated with the idea of an IT career from relatively early on and started his studies in 2001 at North-West University (NWU) where he completed his BSC IT degree; after that continuing with his professional career as a junior programmer at a fleet management company.

In 2006 Riaan joined Netsurit as a Junior Technology Advisor and developed his skills as a Network Architect Designer, and within a relatively short period was promoted to Senior Technology Advisor.

Continually striving for more in his profession, Riaan was promoted to Head of Projects and Online Backups in 2010, and later in 2012, the duty of managing the ISP department was left in his very capable hands.

In his private life, Riaan enjoys spending time with the love of his life, Hayley, and revels in outdoor activities involving sports such as rugby and cricket and enjoys a brisk ride on his mountain bike.


Hud Krause
Inobits / Professional Services Executive

“Never sacrifice future success for short-term gratification.”

Hud can be described as a logical, curious and motivated person who is always up to tackle any challenge put in front of him. Driven by his desire for business excellence, professional growth and a passion for his family, Hud made the decision to bring the Inobits Consulting Team to Netsurit as a Professional Services Division in 2016.

Hud graduated from the University of Johannesburg with a degree in B Com Financial Management. While completing his degree part time, an opportunity presented itself to work within the IT department of Sasol Technology. During this time, Hud completed a CNE Qualification and soon after that entered the Microsoft realm, getting a Microsoft certification and a position as a Certified Microsoft Trainer. It is here where he met his future partners and co-founders of Inobits Consulting.

Hud may have ventured into an IT career for a few years, but his real passion and interest is a business. This said, the few years spent in a technical career, as well as keeping abreast of the Microsoft landscape, have served him well in his business roles. He filled the role of Financial Director at Inobits Consulting until 2010, after which he was appointed as the Managing Director. Hud was also extremely instrumental in establishing Inobits ME in Dubai in 2002, setting up the Microsoft partnership there and negotiating the distribution agreement with K2 in 2003. After the recent merger with Netsurit, Hud now heads up the Professional Services Division (Inobits) within the organization.

Outside of work, Hud enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his wife Cornelia and his kids Katrina and Carl. Supporting his family to achieve their dreams is a major factor in Hud’s life, and so is partaking in Ultra-Triathlons, where he has completed multiple Half Ironman and Ironman races. As Hud says, “Once you set your mind to it, and put in the hard work, the Ironman mantra of “Anything is possible” becomes a reality in all spheres of life.” True to this, the next goal on Hud’s ever-growing list of Dreams is to Complete the Freedom swim and cross it off of his bucket list.


Louis de Klerk
Internal Chief Information Officer (CIO)

“The ‘next level’ is reached by combined focused creative energy with capacity.”

Louis is a self-taught academic at heart, with a passion for tinkering with algorithms and puzzles.

He started his career as an IT support technician, working on Novell and Unix networks. After a few years, he made the transition to the Microsoft ecosystem, where he soon specialized in database design and software development. Later Louis joined Windows Academy as a Microsoft Certified Trainer which provided fertile ground for learning new things.

Being a founder and part of the management team of Inobits Consulting for the last 16 years, Louis was a central figure in Inobits’ software development projects at enterprise customers. Often the lead developer, solution architect or quality assurance on projects, Louis has been leading delivery teams through the lifecycles of solutions at many customers.

He is also a regular speaker at Microsoft conferences, boot camps, and training events – in the process traveling to 45 countries and filling up five passports. Over the last 16 years, his areas of specialization included databases, software design, identity management, data flow orchestration and system integration.

At the moment Louis is passionate about how the cloud is transforming how we design IT systems, and the accelerating rate at which these systems are becoming more reactive and intelligent.

A favorite pastime is the reading of fiction, history, and philosophy. He also enjoys holidays in the Kruger National Park with his wife and escaping from technology to the more remote areas of South Africa on his motorcycle.


John Gilbert
Head of Business Development

“My career aspiration is to build a “World Class” Sales competency that spans all of the divisions and lines of business within the Netsurit Stable”

John’s experience spans across a range of industry sectors both locally in South Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and abroad in the U.K. and India. He has held senior leadership positions in both large global enterprise companies and start-up entrepreneurial ventures.. He has extensive knowledge and experience within IT Software, Managed Services and Telecommunications industry sectors.

Some of the key positions he has held are listed below:
Key Account Manager Bass Breweries (United Kingdom)
Regional Manager – MARS Africa
National Sales Manager – Storm Telecoms
Head of Sales – iBurst South Africa
Business Development Director – Aspivia Connect
Senior Area Sales Director Africa – HCL Technologies
Commercial ATU Sales Head – Microsoft

Prior to joining Storm, he was the founder and Managing Member of The F.A.C.T.S Consultancy. The directive for the role at Storm was to design and implement a full restructure of the existing three independent regional divisions’ sales teams into one standardized national sales force. Eight months after the launch of the new structure, the business had achieved 180% of the forecasted sales budget for the year. Approximately two years later the business was sold to Vox Telecom for R350 million, just seven years from inception.
In his roles at Aspivia and in the role at HCL, John was directly involved in the sale and implementation of those businesses Managed Services Solutions and Outsourced Managed Services to large corporate customers. In his roles at Mars, Storm, iBurst and Microsoft he was responsible for delivery of the national sales numbers via teams of up to fifty sales staff.

As a result, he has established a strong network of key stakeholders and decision makers within the private and public sector. This combined with a strong grounding and extensive experience in leading sales teams, position him well to achieve and deliver outstanding results.


BarbiBarbi Goldblat

Regional Manager – Cape Town

“You realise value by turning a good business into a great business.  But more fundamental than that, is turning good people into great people” – Brian Joffe, Bidvest

Barbi has spent her entire career, which spans over 30 years, in various sectors of IT.  Her goal is and always has been, a strong focus on her people – grow your people, grow your business, coupled with an exceptionally high focus on “Partnership for Life” with our clients, constantly ensuring our clients derive value from IT.

Barbi started her career in 1984 as a Management Consultant at Ernst and Young, in 1995 she moved into the world of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Consulting in the SME market. In 2000, she sold her ERP business to EOH, and over the next 10 years built the EOH SME ERP and Managed Services business in Cape Town, where she was MD.

In 2011 it was time to leave the corporate world, and Barbi joined Netsurit, to head up their Cape Town branch.  This branch continues to grow from strength to strength, through the combined focus of “growing our people” and delivering exceptional client services, a strong “Partner for Life” focus.

“IT without Fuss”, and “IT as a Business Enabler” remain the core of her business focus (IT must ensure our clients can differentiate and stand out against the competition; IT must modernize and automate sales and marketing; IT must optimize operations and IT must deliver customer lifetime value).  If all of this is in place, not only can our clients be free to focus on their core business, but IT will be an enabler to help grow their business.

Born and bred in Cape Town, South Africa, Barbi’s love for the sea and infamous Table Mountain make her a true “Capie”.  She has been married to Glenn since 1986 and together their share the harmonious belief of “partner for life”.  Glenn and their two adult daughters remain the pride and joy of her life!


Sarika Thakor 
HR Manager

Sarika is a registered Industrial Psychologist who started her career working at MAC Consulting. Throughout her 3 years in Consulting she has gained skills within the Leadership Development and Psychometric Assessment areas of Industrial Psychology as well as opportunities to further develop other areas within the field.

She then entered the world of HR at T-Systems South Africa as an HR Business Partner. Her role involved playing a more generalist interface between HR as a function and the various areas of business she was responsible for a further 3 years.

She has subsequently joined the Nesturit family in May 2017 in the role of HR manager. Her passion is people and is keen to learn more about the mechanics of business linked to people dynamics and HR elements. She hopes to make a lasting impact on the people of Netsurit and leave a lasting legacy in the awesome Netsurit culture.

She is an outgoing individual, eager to embrace new challenges.She is passionate about enhancing the lives of people she encounters.

Outside of work her passion  revolved around her son and husband. She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends who are her support system.