Our Beginnings

The Netsurit journey began in 1995 with two university friends, Rian van der Walt and Orrin Klopper.

Orrin’s entrepreneurial career began selling shoes and clothes in hostels while he completed his business degree. Orrin met Rian Van der Walt, Netsurit’s CTO, during this time and they became fast friends. Rian was also running a side business selling computers and engineering calculators during his pursuit of an engineering degree.

Rian quickly recognized Orrin’s sales abilities and encouraged Orrin to begin selling computers and engineering calculators. By the end of 1996, Orrin decided that supporting other entrepreneurs by helping them purchase the right technology solutions for their business was his true calling. In genuine dot-com style, Orrin and Rian soon started a formal business from a back room in their home in 1997.  It only took a year before they moved up to providing outsourced IT services and support to small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It was time for a proper office a few years later, and Netsurit was born