Our Values

Everything we do at Netsurit is grounded in our core values. All of our business decisions, from our end of the year party to decisions on new lines of business, come from this set of beliefs.

Our Values That Guide Us


Value 1: Family (Personal and Professional) 

How to live & promote our FAMILY culture:
1. Support your FAMILY, completely.
2. Respect that your words and actions impact the FAMILY around you.
3. Know the role you play within the Netsurit FAMILY by being available, both emotionally and professionally.
4. Engage with our support programs. These powerful tools help shape our clients, you, Netsurit, and your immediate FAMILY too.
5. Act with respect, loyalty and honesty, towards your immediate and the Netsurit FAMILY at all times.


Value 2: Communication (Listen first. Be clear, concise, informed and respectful) 

How to live & promote Communication:
1. Respect the integrity and confidentiality of Netsurit, always.
2. Treat everyone equally when we connect with one another.
3. Listen first to understand, and only then respond.
4. Strive to have your actions match your words.
5. Be concise and mindful in your interactions, with everyone.


Value 3: Engagement (Be hands-on, committed, invested, and aligned with our cause) 

How to live & promote Engagement:
1. Get involved, in all aspects of Netsurit.
2. Be aware that you are a part of something bigger than just the job you do at Netsurit.
3. Remain committed and promote our culture of “supporting the dreams of the doers”
4. Work together with the Netsurit FAMILY to make a difference in other’s lives
5. Stay connected with your colleagues to improve both the experiences of our teams, as well as our external customers.
6. Bring into line both your personal and the corporate focus to realise one collectively beneficial outcome.


Value 4: Integrity (What you think, say and do , in a respectful and Netsurit-aligned way) 

How to live & promote Integrity:
1. Act openly, honestly, and with kindness.
2. Do what you say, and say what you do, in order to build and earn trust.
3. Do the right thing, even when no one is watching.
4. Treat others the way you want to be treated.


Value 5: Growth (Endlessly pursue learning and self-empowerment to unlock our individual and collective potential) 

What you need to do, and own:
1. Continuously seek new opportunities to learn and evolve.
2. Actively empower, mentor and coach to positively influence the GROWTH of your team, colleagues and the company overall.
3. Challenge yourself to achieve your personal best.