Security Solutions

MSLogoCombinedSecure your Data
This comprehensive solution uses the functionality in the Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) Suite to protect against likely threats to data privacy or integrity. This solution can be implemented over time in a series of progressive phases in order to achieve maximum protection while minimizing risk and disruption.

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Secure your Identity
This identity and access solution enable automated user lifecycle management across HR systems, on-premises & cloud services. It also implements functionality in EMS to enhance user administration and secure access to data and services. This solution will help customers to better protect their user identities, data, and services and become more compliant with governance requirements.

Manage your Devices
It has become common for users to access services from a wide variety of devices, some of which are not even owned by the organization. This creates challenges with security, governance, management and service provisioning. This offering will implement the tools and processes to allow customers to effectively manage and secure all the devices in use.

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