Technology Advisors

When you become a Netsurit client, our Technology Advisors (TAs) will become key members of your business team. Our TAs combine the operational view of an IT manager with the strategic approach of a CIO. You can rely on your Netsurit TA to make sure the technology in your business is helping you and your team achieve the dreams and goals that drive your organization.

Technology Advisors at Netsurit become your primary point of contact for current projects, questions, and planning for the future.

Depending on the level of agreement you select, here are some of the services our Technology Advisors would provide for your business:

Account Management

  • Monthly meetings with the principal contact on your team (with reports and presentation)
  • Attendance at monthly client management committee meetings
  • Telephone support and management
  • Recommendations based on reports
  • Telephone follow-up and escalation on support issues
  • Provisions of infrastructure and software quotes
  • Quarterly technology update presentation
  • Annual mobility and connectivity audit and recommendations

Software License Management

  • Annual software compliance audit for Microsoft applications
  • Tracking and management of volume license agreements

Security and Risk Management

  • Annual security permission audits on client file server(s)
  • Annual review of client backup selections
  • Annual IT risk assessment audit
  • IT asset register for annual insurance renewal

Cost and Budget Management

  • Annual budget process and infrastructure optimization assessment
  • Annual three-year revolving technology roadmap
  • Assistance with annual IT CapEx budget